Monday, May 24, 2010

Project Two: Comments

Good drawings skills and prism studies - well presented. Atmospheric and well sculpted site. It sets up a memorable situation. The distant approach shot captures the proposition very well.

Strong architectural proposition and a deliberate and careful site specific response. The first architectural proposition (two volumes in site) was evocative and suggestive of a more complex form traversing the hill. It would have been good to develop this further.
The final proposition remains interesting, offering a complex sequence of spaces within a restrained block form. The ranges of displayed view points are varied and effective. Lighting effects could have been developed further.

The combined cubes present an interesting response to the program: two distinct built forms linked by an intervening element. The relationship between the proposed site and landform is also strong as the proposed valley allows the development of the building as bridge. The night shot is evocative.

Interesting architectural exploration in the sketches. Promising initial architectural proposition and consistent development of this. The site is diagrammatic and would have benefitted from more development. However architectural devices such as the cantilever and courtyard gives the scheme strong definition and places it is an interesting relationship to the site.

Early texture studies are very strong. Here cubes are presented as empty spaces – ready to be occupied. The final model lacks this quality.
Close-up representations are very evocative. Texture and light has been well handled and adds to the material quality of the building. The design of the site is more intricately worked out in the immediate context of the building.

The first architectural proposition offers interesting spatial possibilities (however these have not been developed in the final form)

Very strong drawings. Variety of architectural situations has been explored.
The first architectural proposition – combined cubes- is very strong, however could have benefited from further editing or refinement.

Strong early texture sectional studies. Very clear and deliberate treatment of the site. Relationship between site and building is well developed. Up to date and consistent production.

The final images represent a substantial improvement in the design. The two blocks + intervening element is clear response to the program. The two blocks- one retreating and one projecting forward, presents a subtle response to the proposed site situation. The application of the textures has also improved.

Early prism steadies are very well drawn and their diversity is commendable. Beautiful development of textures.
Dramatic site and interesting architectural proposition: floating cubes in void.

Good drawing skills. The textures are well developed. The development of the site is strong and specific. Particularly the distinction between the forest and plane is well developed and could have been the focus of the design. The cubic forms read as too solid. One cannot imagine occupation of the spaces. This aspect of the design requires further development.

Architectural proposition is sound and has been sited carefully. The development of the building as a ridge is also a strong idea and has potential for further development.

Clear site proposal. The proposed urban quality could have been developed further. The proposition of the building as retaining element and then pavilion in landscape is also strong

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